It is when we have traveled within our inner-selves that we can understand our outer-selves. ~Patricia Travers

Patricia Travers
B App Communications in Professional Writing.

Poet & Philosopher
Writer & Publisher   and  ADHD/DYSLEXIC/ INFJ

Hello Everyone and welcome to 2theinnerlimits.  It feels really good to have an opportunity to bring light and inspiration to those that deal with adhd/dyslexic/add.  It has been a long journey getting here, and here I am.

It was during a moment of meditation in 2015 when I was searching for my purpose as a writer that I finally understood  what it was I was meant to do besides writing & creating very cool books. My purpose is to remind people who struggle with Adhd that there is nothing wrong with them aside from being an amazing creative person who just doesn't fit into a nice and neat little box.  

The moment that totally confirmed this direction on my path was while I was discussing adhd with a friend that works in the health field. She insisted it was a mental illness. I wasn't angry about this...just very concerned of the direction the medical institutes are enveloping their diagnosis. I have done some research on others who share this "condition" and find there is a great similarity between most being that one of the hardest parts of dealing with this "condition" is how others / the medical field respond. We are left in a pile of insults, loneliness, and a shell of self-worth.

But your life should never feel this way. Adhd/add/dyslexic people are highly creative and embrace originality. If you channel this energy into creative projects the world will become your canvas. 

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